Ignite Your Nights with Passionate Flamenco Rhythms!
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24 July 2023
Flamenco show, live music, party in San Antonio Texas
Flamenco show, live music, party in San Antonio Texas
Flamenco show, live music, party in San Antonio Texas


What is flamenco?

Flamenco is an intense and passionate art form that encapsulates singing, guitar playing, and dance, known for its emotional depth and fiery energy. Originating from the Andalusian region of Spain, Flamenco has since garnered recognition and admiration globally.

When can I see it?

Each third Thursday of the month, we invite you to join us for an evening of delicious Spanish cuisine and the mesmerizing rhythms of Flamenco. Allow the strumming guitars, the powerful vocals, and the passionate dance to transport you to the vibrant streets of Spain, right in the heart of San Antonio. An experience like no other, Flamenco nights at Toro Kitchen and Bar are not to be missed.


Pouring Tradition: Porrón, the Toast of Spain in Texas!
Available during all our welcoming hours.
Porron, wine drink from Spain in San Antonio Texas
Porron, wine drink from Spain with olives and tapas in San Antonio Texas
Toreros with Porron, wine drink from Spain in San Antonio Texas


What is porrón?

A porrón is a traditional Spanish glass wine pitcher, designed uniquely for communal drinking while adding an element of fun and skill. Its distinctive shape features a wide bottom that holds the wine, a narrow neck for holding, and a long, tapered spout through which the wine is poured directly into the mouth from a height. The challenge lies in controlling the distance and the angle of the pour without spilling. Whether it's at a casual gathering or a festive celebration, using a porrón not only enhances the taste of the wine but also the camaraderie, making it an iconic symbol of Spanish hospitality and joie de vivre.

When can I try it?

Join us at any time during our open hours a unique Spanish tradition. This special wine pitcher is more than just a vessel; it's a shared experience that embodies the spirit of camaraderie and merriment. Perfect for any day and any time, we welcome everyone to try their hand at mastering the porrón pour. Let's raise a toast to great times and good company. Enjoy the laughter, fun, and the wine, always flowing freely, just like the spirit of Spain in the heart of San Antonio. Salud!


Uplift Your Spirits, Savor the Spanish Carajillo!
Carajillo, spanish drink mixology in San Antonio Texas
Carajillo, spanish drink fire mixology in San Antonio Texas
Carajillos drinks cheers, in San Antonio Texas


What is a carajillo?

A Carajillo is a cherished Spanish beverage, traditionally enjoyed as a pick-me-up after meals. It marries the warmth and intensity of espresso with the sweet complexity of a spirit, most commonly Licor 43, a Spanish liqueur with a unique blend of 43 different fruits, herbs, and spices. The Carajillo is celebrated not only for its invigorating taste but also for the comforting ritual of its preparation, whether served shaken, flambé, or simply poured. This delightful drink, with its rich Spanish history, is the perfect blend of coffee and cocktail culture.

When can I try it?

During our open hours, we welcome you for an immersion in Spanish coffee culture with our special Carajillos. This is an open invitation to partake in an experience that's more than just about taste. Witness the craft and flair of our bartenders as they skillfully prepare your drink. No matter the time of day, it's always the perfect moment for a Carajillo. Join us, and let each sip take you on a journey to Spain. Salud!

de Madrid

From San Antonio to Madrid:
Your Wednesday Night Escapade Awaits!
Cheers with drinks at Toro Kitchen and Bar
Paella, tapas, montaditos, spanish food and drinks in San Antonio Texas
Live music in San Antonio, Texas

Noches de Madrid

Happy Hour

Every Wednesday at Toro Kitchen and Bar, we transport you straight to the bustling streets of Spain with our "Noches de Madrid" experience. Echoing the lively spirit of Madrid's renowned nightlife, we offer an all-day happy hour, providing an exciting array of our best culinary offerings and drinks at enticing prices.  

Live Music

But the true soul of the evening emerges after 7 PM, when the sounds of live music fill the air. As the melodies swirl around you, we invite you to sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in this unique cultural experience until closing time. So, join us for Noches de Madrid, a mid-week celebration that truly captures the vibrant energy of Spanish nightlife, right here in San Antonio.
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